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Debugger Tools for iOS Mobile Browsers

I, recently got a scenario at work where the feature had to be tested out in iOS.  It has to be noted that iOS Safari, as well as Chrome, uses the Webkit Engine on iOS. Rumours are that Google is building its own iOS javascript engine but it might not be available for public usage any sooner. That said, I tested out the feature on an iOS Safari browser. Whether or not the feature worked, developers can never resist taking a look at the logs while testing, to ensure the flow. That's where my curiosity lay too.  Prerequisites MacBook device iOS device Cable that connects the above two devices Steps to follow Step 1 - On your iOS device: Open the Settings app on iOS Go to Safari Inside Safari, navigate to  Advanced Here, enable  Web Inspector Now open your Safari browser on iOS and have your Web app loaded for debugging Step 2 - Connect your iOS device with your MacOS device using the cable Step 3 - On your MacOS device Open the Safari browser on your MacOS device If you do not see